Current and Past Sponsors

Grant writing

 AWEC is leading the way in presenting funding resources and how small businesses can access funds. We provide grantwriting workshops to help small businesses to learn how to  access money to fund their businesses. NGOs are encouraged to apply for membership in AWEC. We provide workshops in Atlanta Georgia, but also provide an online workshop that can be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, we assess the funding needs of our member organizations and obtain funding as a collective entity to fund our members various initiatives.




 We serve Africa and diaspora by providing women that own businesses the opportunity to promote and fund their businesses locally and Internationally. The NWALOTA project is an instrument of tourism that promotes cultural exchange, economic collaboration, and the reconnection of Diaspora Africans with Africa. NWALOTA presents community building opportunities both in Nigeria and in Diasporan African communities

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 Empower A Woman And Empower A Nation

We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business as a member of AWEC. Our positive relationship with successful businesses speaks for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping African business women - large or small, that simply need to know how to proceed in today's economy, or want a relationship with Africa or in the diaspora. By becoming a member of AWEC, you join other women who own businesses to exchange business ideas, cultural exchange, access business, and legal resources necessary to participate in international business and join our grant writing initiatives. You participate in our various annual empowerment and cultural events and become a part of the women's economic revolution. Our Financial literacy classes help women learn the  secret of financial independence.