Kemo Barrow

Board Member.

Dr. Mama Nobantu Andito Ankoanda

Board Member

Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri

Chairman of the Board.

Kemo is a Senior Partner with Wittstock Financial and Associates since Jan 2003. The mission of his firm is to "Secure Retirement Quests" His organization specializes in Retirement Planning,  Wealth Accumulation, Asset Protection,  Income Planning, IRA & 401 (k) Rollovers, Life Insurance,  Estate Planning,  IRA Legacy Planning,  Charitable Giving

Adaora Lewis

Vice-chairperson of the Board 

Adaora is a young Nigerian-American business entrepreneur, wife, mom to two beautiful boys (ages 3 and soon to be 4),  advocate for animal rights, Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director of Prysm Magazine, and health coach/advocate.

She has a BS in Business Management from CMU,  a BS in Fashion Retail Management/Minor in Advertising from Arts Institute of Pittsburgh.She is working toward a BS in Advertising.  She has walked runways in New York City, shared the stage with bands and industrial artists.She is a seasoned speaker at numerous raw vegan circles. 

She has traveled around the world for pleasure and business purposes: Nigeria, Ghana, California, Las Vegas, New name a few places. She is featured in numerous international vegan magazines both as a featured Celebrity Chef and a contributing editor. Since 2014, she and her family call Atlanta, Georgia home.



Piemba Mwalimu

Board Member

The former head of the Teamsters Union. Piemba operates the House of Pie where he teaches kids how to work with electricity,  in the City of Detroit.

Dr. Mama Nobantu Ankoanda became an educator in 1972 as a teacher in East Palo Alto (aka Nairobi), California. She has nearly 45 years of experience as an educator, teacher, former principal and founder of Afrikan Centered Community Based institutions in Nairobi, CA. Mama Ankoanda holds a doctoral degree in Education Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Arts in Elementary Education from San Francisco State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from the University of California at Berkeley. 

In 1968, while a student at UCB, Mama Nobantu became a Pan Afrikan Socialist after she was recruited to become a citizen of the Republic of New Afrika. She participated and studied the Poor People’s Campaign in Washington, D.C. as a sociology student shortly after the assassination of Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Mama Nobantu was the youngest of 185 educators (including Betty Shabazz, Eric Lincoln) to travel to Accra, Ghana in 1969 upon her graduation from UCB. It was at the University of Accra where she received a certificate in Afrikan history and Culture.  In 1982, she returned to Ghana for a brief stay with her five children to expose them at an early age the true and positive images of Afrika and its people.  In 2001, she witnessed the World Conference Against Racism, in Durban, South Afrika. And finally, in 2010, she traveled to Kemet with her uncle, Professor Earl Grant, (was a very close friend of Malcolm X) who shared with her a different perspective on ancient Kemet due to his engineering degree.

After 10 years teaching in the public school system in Nairobi  CA, Mama Nobantu retired at the age of  34.  She co-founded Shule Ya Taifa in 1981, founded Shule Nyansa Sua in 1982, and founded Shule Mandela Academy in 1983. In 1998 she transformed Shule Mandela Academy into a charter school called School of Wisdom and Knowledge College Preparatory Academy. She was the Northern California convener for the Council of Independent Institutions (CIBI) from 1998-2003. Mama Nobantu also co-founded the Rites of Passage for girls, a grassroots organization called Sisters of Tomorrow  (SOT) in 1984.  Presently, there is an Atlanta SOT chapter where she works with the organization as an elder. Mama Nobantu is the mother of five adult children who reside in Georgia, California, Texas and New Jersey respectfully. She is the grandmother of nine. She has mothered over 300 students and is still in contact with most of them through social media. Her oldest adult child who is disabled and diagnosed with Downs Syndrome (due to an IUD experiment on Black and Brown women in the 70’s) has taught her the patience and calmness she is well known for. Her motto has been that “all students are gifted” and it is up to parents, teachers, and leaders to identify these gifts for the liberation of our people.

Dr. Uwa Osimiri is a Nigerian born international Motivational Speaker and the Founder and President of the African Women Economic Consortium (AWEC). She is an enstooled Chief of the village of Nkporo in Abia State Nigeria. She is one of Africa's Most Senior Spiritual Leaders.  She was featured in the Detroit News as One of Michigan’s Most Influential Women and has lectured at Wayne State University, Oakland University, Michigan State University, University of Phoenix, Emory University and countless secondary schools.  She is also an Advanced Certified Faculty in the Department of Business Administration at the University of Phoenix where she teaches graduate Business and Leadership Courses. She has earned numerous Awards for her work in business, and education. She received an educational citation (Friend of Education, Michigan), several Spirit of Detroit and Wayne County certificates of recognition. She was nominated for Faculty of the Year Award at the University of Phoenix. She is also a certified Senior Grant Writer and served on the Advisory Board for the Women Federation for World Peace. She was a member of the Emerging Minority Businesses Council of the State of Michigan and received a Certificate of Tribute from Governor Jennifer Granholm for her work with the Governor’s small business initiative.

Dr. Osimiri was featured in the Detroit News as One of Michigan’s Most Influential Women and known for her lively motivational Speaking events with the Power Speaker and Company.  She has also had speaking engagements for the Chrysler Corporation. 

Dr. Osimiri has a  Doctorate Degree in Natural Theology and has completed her doctoral academic work in Clinical Psychology. She is married and has two adult daughters, an adult son, a son-in-law and two young grandsons.