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AWEC African Women Economic Consortium is a Georgia based 501(c)3 Non - Profit Organization founded by Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Irving, in 2004.  The mission of AWEC is to provide small business women in the community with leadership and business development workshops, math literacy, job interviewing skills, motivational speakers, financial literacy, grant writing workshops, fundraising and resource development skills development, children's summer programs, Drop-In-Center for children, to help mother's with childcare so they can go to work, and foster long term collective work with the community. The building, with grant funding, will be redesigned to accommodate the specifics of our programs.


Over the years we have engaged in several programs. Our focus in 2019 is to raise $1,000,000 to buy this community center where all our programs will be executed.


Would you kindly donate any amount to help us to achieve this objective?


For a $50 donation, you shall receive  this AWEC bracelet to express our gratitude.







Your donations are tax deductible. Here is our ID. (EIN 71-0895584). 

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