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The AWEC International Women's Empowerment Conference was a triumph!  The presentations of  the Speakers showed that change is fermenting in the minds of women. It has to do with transformation. Women should take responsibility for their own growth or lack thereof. Our presentations encouraged women to take responsibility for their spiritual, psychological, educational, emotional and economic growth. We encouraged Women to reject the willingness to accept nonsense from society and be defined accordingly. All the speakers reinforced these sentiments.

Adaora Osimiri Lewis our able Mistress of Ceremony welcomed guests professionally throughout the she is inured to do. For her part, she discussed the need for embracing a natural meatless and healthy eating habits as a way of maintaining good health and personal well-being.  A healthy eating mindset can be empowering, physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Dibia Ochuaja Udee Onyioha opened the conference spiritually with the honoring of Chineke and invoking the spirit of the honorable ancestors in the manner that Africans do through the use of an article of libations…the Kola Nut.  We appreciated this performance narrated in Igbo Nigerian language and aptly translated in English for the benefit of non-Igbo speakers.


Ambassador, Dr. Uwa Onyioha-Osimiri set the conference off with encouragement, admonishment and words to make attendees understand why empowerment takes different forms and assurances.  She described the efforts of AWEC to fund small women owned businesses in Africa and the United States and to create the connection between Africans and African-Americans through the NWALOTA project. 


Nmadili Okwumabua wowed the audience with her amazing African architectural designs that reminded everyone that Wakanda can be enacted through African architectural and cultural framework. Her imagery on canvas were a feast for the eyes, helping participants visualize the remarkable reenactment of African architectural ingenuity. 

Georgina Edeoga shared her studies of the significant impact women are making in agriculture in Nigeria, an economic boon for women. She sought to highlight the need for funding for the women who are in agriculture. She also discussed  "The factors affecting gender participation on poultry and livestock Agric business enterprise in Nigeria” using Abia state as the case study." 


Dr. Nobantu Ankoanda shared a valiant discussion on the imperatives of African based education  in place of Eurocentric edification that does not provide the cultural doles to the children to advance self-pride. She instructed that educational empowerment is important for well-rounded generations of Africans. 


Dr. Imani Ma’at engaged the audience in the empowering benefits of yoga exercise, and Ho’oponopono, a very ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving.  Her engagement of the members of the audience enacted the concept into action, giving participants a taste of its potential impact on temperament, an instrument of mental and physical empowerment with universal application. 


Dr. Carol Aki introduced the audience to the dehumanizing effects of women experiencing vaginal mutilation and the physiological trauma experienced by victims of this age old and archaic cultural practice by many countries in Africa, Middle East and in the United States by immigrants from these areas of the world.  Women must speak out on behalf of women every where in support of the discontinuation of this practice.


Michele Maddox focused on the importance of personal empowerment resulting from sincere and conscientious effort by people who set goals and focus on ensuring that their goals become a reality. All doubts about the possibility of not achieving one’s goals must be culled by actively willing and executing them by hard work which is within the personal ability of goal setters. To etch one’s goals in the mind, one must shout ISE!, an Igbo Nigerian  spiritual call and answer for motivation and to prompt the perseverance for and acceptance of such goals as doable, winnable and endorsed!

Ambassador Dr. Uwa Osimiri ended the event with rousing closing remarks about standing up in the middle of challenge, moving forward knowing that we are all empowered and capable of greatness if we simply check in on ourselves and draw from our innate resources granted by DIVINE MIND,  with the capacity to move beyond our humanness and harness the unlimited power within.  


Dr. Vivienne Martin did a wonderful job of welcoming and registering guests. This certainly was not easy because we had more guests than we had anticipated and we appreciate her coordination of this effort.  Nnamdi Osimiri was the wind beneath our wings! He helped so much in ensuring that the technical aspects of the program was smooth and effective given what he had to work with. To him we owe our gratitude! 


Kelenna Osimiri did an awesome job taking pictures and videos of the even with her professional camera. She has now been upgraded to the National Historian for AWEC to ensure the continued documentation of our events! Congrats Kelenna! 


Rashida Abullah took it there!  She stormed the room with her gyrations to the tam tam of the drums, sashaying rhythmically to the tempo of the music, a testament of her African Roots. We eagerly await her next participation!  Kilombo Academic and Cultural Institute drummers were absolutely wonderful and set off the event with the drumming sounds that made our hearts sing and feet move to the rhythm of the drums. One could imagine our ancestors entranced in rhythmic trance, and Africa beckoning us home. I digress!

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