Frequently asked FQAs:

Question: Is AWEC a non-profit organization?

Answer: Yes, AWEC is a 501©3 Not for Profit organization.


Question: How is it funded?

Answer: AWEC is funded through grants, membership dues, and fundraising.


Question: How do I register to become a member of AWEC?

Answer: You should click on the Membership Registration link and follow the guidelines.


Question: Can Anyone Become a Member?

Answer: Yes. Any woman who owns a business or is interested in starting a business, and willing to receive training in her business category can register. A member must be a member of an AWEC chapter. Members must sign a membership form stating that they fully understand  what the organization is about. 


Question: What is a Chapter and is this an additional cost?

Answer: No. It is part of your membership benefit. A chapter consists of 6 to 20 members. The purpose of a chapter is to create a forum where women can come together to collaborate, learn, exchange ideas, develop leadership skills, and engage in camaraderie while  learning how to write grants for funding. They also participate in AWEC international programs such as AWEC Health Walk, Adopt a Street , Elder Love Fest in support of community elders, and International conferences. They also learn financial literacy and receive certificates. It also offers them an opportunity to be a part of nurturing and supporting each other.  Awards are given to the  chapter with the most productivity at the conferences. 

Question: Can a chapter raise funds for it's own activities?

Answer: Yes. A chapter can raise funds through fundraising activities. 20% of all funds raised in the name of AWEC goes to AWEC for administrative costs. 


Question: Why does it cost anything to join AWEC?

Answer: Paid members are the lifeblood of any membership organization. They provide a substantial part of volunteer power and an essential source of publicity. Membership demonstrates commitment and a tremendous shared sense of accomplishment and participation develops among members. Membership in AWEC qualifies member organizations for our grant writing and fundraising program. 


Question: What if the Woman Has No Funds to Pay For Membership?

Answer: AWEC will always provide support for women when they are ready to join our membership roster as paid members,  and if funded, they can provide employment for others.


Question: How Do I Pay for Membership?

Answer: We use the PayPal platform. Once you register, you will see the PayPal button. If you are not able to use the PayPal platform, contact us and we shall give you an alternative payment method.


Question: Besides Funding and chapter benefits, what are other benefits of membership.

Answer: AWEC will provide training for organizations in Business management, budgeting, financial planning, mentoring, public speaking community leadership and political skills development.


Question: Does AWEC pay for the Chapter activities?

Answer: No. The chapters are free to do fundraising to support their programs with 20% of the proceeds going to the AWEC organization for administrative costs.


Question: Does AWEC pay for the travel costs of individuals who wish to attend the international events?

Answer: No, participants are responsible for their travel costs, but at a discounted fee for participation. 


Question: Can men Participate in AWEC?

Answer: The husbands of AWEC members are secondary members called AWEC Winds or Ikuku which means the “Winds beneath our wings.” They are free to create a men’s group where they discuss ways to assist our programs. There is no limit to the number of men that can consist of a group. Men in the community who simply wish to support AWEC can Join the AWEC as Winds or Ikuku.


Question: Who writes the grants for the businesses and who gives the training?

Answer: AWEC contracts with TAWEC for consultants and trainers.


Question: Are grants guaranteed, and can a member be refunded if no grant is awarded?

Answer: Grants and scholarships can come from the federal government, your state government, your college or career school, or a private or nonprofit organization. They are competitive  so you must do your research, apply for any grants or scholarships you might be eligible for, and be sure to meet application deadlines! Learning how to write your own grants is very good skill. Membership dues are non refundable and must be renewed annually. 

Question: Are there Bylaws that govern the organization?

Answer: Yes. The organization has bylaws because we want to maintain consistency in the running of the business. We use Bylaws to communicate organizational rules so internal disputes and conflict can be avoided.

Question: What are the leadership positions in AWEC?

Answer: Founder and President, Board of Directors, Vice-president( and Membership Chair), and Chapter Directors. The AWEC Executive Board consists of the Chair, Treasurer  Secretary and other Board members. The Board also has an Advisory Board without voting rights. Each chapter has it's own Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Program Director, and Historian selected from the membership. They also reflect the chapter Executive Board. They are elected by the Chapter membership bi-annually as written in the Bylaws.

**For additional questions, please contact us as specified in the contact link.

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